Heat Set Inserts

OpenJig uses heat-set threaded inserts to provide a simple and clean means of fastening. Heat-set inserts are common practice in many 3D printing applications and are plenty strong for this application.

Heat-set inserts are installed with a soldering iron which heats the plastic material and allows the insert to be pressed in.

Install Locations
Lead Nut Locations
Body Locations
Rail Clamp Locations
Lead Screw Assembly

The lead screw assembly consists of two lead nuts and two screws coupled in the middle of the body. One screw/nut is standard thread, and one is reverse thread. This allows the lead nuts to move towards or away from each other when turning the screw.

Jaw Assembly
Side Rails

The side rails are constructed from 6061 Aluminum 1" x 1/8" flat bar. The length can very but 18" is recommended. Mounting holes will need to be drilled at both ends of each side rail us the 7/32" drill bit.

Template Assembly

The rail clamps use 10-32 set screws to lock onto the the side rails. This provides a solid mounting platform for the templates.

The front and rear templates each use 4 4-40 screws to secure the template to the rail clamp.

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