OpenJig is a 3D printed open source ski binding mounting jig.
Mounts ski widths from 75mm - 150mm
Built entirely from 3D prints and off the shelf hardware.
Interchangable and reuseable mounting patterns.
Adjustable boot sole length.
Accurate and repeatable ski center finding.
What is this?
OpenJig is a 3D printable universal ski binding jig. This jig was designed to bridge the gap between commercial mounting jigs and paper templates. Why? Because paper templates suck and you should mount your own f'ing skis.
How does it work?
OpenJig is a mixture of 3D printed parts and off the shelf hardware. The jig uses a fwd/reverse lead screw clamp to find ski center. The drill patterns can easily be moved to account for differing BSL, and can be swapped out to accomodate multiple bindings. This guide will give you a brief overview of how to print, assemble, and use the OpenJig.
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